Product Evaluation: Sleek Power Bank

We’re always looking at adding more products to LACONIC. One of our most recent product evaluations was a powerbank a super slim one. In fact, its supposed to be the world’s slimmest powerbank.


An image of one of the world's slimmest powerbanks reviewed by LACONIC to include in their product range
World’s Slimmest PowerBank


We were super excited when we ordered the sample from our manufacturer because we thought it would change the powerbank industry in India and worldwide. The package was meant to arrive 7 days from the time we placed the order. Unfortunately, it didn’t come on time – it got delayed by 3-4 days, even with constant follow-up.

Finally after the package arrived, eager as we were to test it out, our initial impression was that it would sell like hotcakes – I’ve always been used to carrying chunky and unergonomic powerbanks. This one was nothing like the others.


Initial Setback

After a brief check, we noticed there were some things unusual about the power bank

  • There was an issue with power button: ideally, whenever we press the power button, and LED light was meant to light up and show the amount of battery left on the powerbank. Ours didn’t seem to do what it was supposed to.
  • Issue with charging – it would only charge our devices when it was connected to a power source

Not the best user experience, clearly.

We spoke to the manufacturer – they said there was an issue with the sample they had sent us. Luckily, they sent us another sample free of cost.


Second Time Around

This time it worked as intended. No hiccups.

The power bank was very sleek, thinner than most devices you’d own. Its almost as big as an Amazon Kindle Fire. This power bank was the size of most mini-tablets.


[insert picture withside profile of the powerbank and use a device to compared the sizes – maybe iphone 7? – needs to only show a portion of the powerbank] [Insert picture of comparison between the power bank and iPhone 7 Plus, Amazon Kindle Fire]

This power bank is a good option for anyone that owns a fairly large phone – iPhone 8 Plus, Samsun Note, etc (enter a few more names). It also works well for tablets like the iPad mini, Amazon Kindle Fire, etc(enter a few more names). You can place your device on top of the power bank while charging it.

It seemed like we could drive a lot of interest based on the form-factor. However, we wanted to do some more research and figure out further value propositions for potential customers.

The battery provided 5000mAh. This is good for 2 full charges on most devices. However we would have to price our product at around INR 3500. The power banks that sold the most were the ones that gave the most mAh per rupee.



Moerdon 11000 mAh – INR 699 (296 reviews – 4 stars; Amazon)

ZAAP 6700 mAh – INR 2499 (74 reviews – 4.5 stars; Amazon)